Daily Archives: October 9, 2013

Week 2 – Recovery of My Subby


While I could write out a good portion of the Master Keys because it is so insightful, I will spare you that for time and just hit some highlights.

5.  …The marvel of playing a brilliant piece on the piano, while at the same time conducting a vigorous conversation, shows the greatness of our subconscious powers.

7. The value of the subconscious is enormous; it inspires us; it warns us; it furnishes us with names, facts and scenes from the storehouse of memory.  It directs our thoughts, tastes, and accomplishes tasks so intricate that no conscious mind, even if it had the power, has the capacity for.

IT ALL GOT WIPED OUT IN ONE FREAKY ROLLER SKATING ACCIDENT   Yes, that happened to me.  My skate hit a bean that escaped from a hack-n-sack which caused me to flip backwards on my head and I saw stars.  When I recovered from the blackout, my 18-year old son asked me if I knew my name and I said yes but gave him my maiden name as I didn’t remember my married name.  I knew my husband was my husband, and my kids were my kids. But that’s about all. We had just moved to Colorado the month before but I didn’t remember any of that.  I didn’t remember any of my kids’ birthdays nor did I know where they were born.  I had played piano and organ in church for 15 years but all my sense of rhythm was gone and I had to re-learn how to read music.  Because my memory was so chaotic, I knew I could not work in a chemistry lab again, and I would just have to treasure my worn down, periodic table coffee cup.

Do I still struggle?  Yes, mostly with words. I use to be a great speller so I thank the Lord for spell check. I can write better than I speak.  Many times my speech pattern gets disjointed.  My music has improved immensely and I am back playing the keyboard in church.

What I didn’t know until now with this week’s study is that it was my subby that got injured.  This makes so much sense!  Even though so much was wiped away and I may never get it back, I am so grateful for our body’s incredible and remarkable way to recover.

I am also so thankful for Mark and Davene offering this Master Key Master Mind Alliance course so that my subby can complete its healing.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!