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Man is the Sum Total of His Own Thoughts – Week 9

“Man is the sum total of his own thoughts…”  Master Key Master Mind Alliance 9.27

Words are thoughts expressing themselves.  If we can be nonjudgmental in the road blocks to our success, we must celebrate!  We need to root out 50 years of bad thought habits and carve new neural pathways while developing new habits that will be instrumental to our success.

Most of us are content to remain in ignorance about our brain. The  two hemisphere that make up the brain is the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere.  On the left we have the logical which deals with factual information; and on the right, we have the hemisphere that is very emotional and full of imagination.  Now the two are connected with a conduit which is a 2-way process that allows both sides of the brain to communicate and coordinate with each other.  Thus  a very healthy brain  merges …creating a DEMAND of both sides to work together to make it happen with a big picture thought and data.  

If we want to develop new habits as the old ones have proven to be more destructive either mentally, physically, or spiritually, then we must substitute the old reality with a new grand reality. Thoughts that are wired together are fired together.  Chemical addictions are very hard to break.   As the new self dies, addictions fall off.  Must want our new Darhma more than anything in the world. We start by developing simple exercises that involves both sides of the brain to manifest the demand.  The mysterious source that never dies works 24/7 to attain the DEMAND.

When we teach both sides to compliment and combine the 7 ways people learn, we become a subconscious learner.  While we each have a favored way to learn, learning from them all creates enforcement of the new DEMAND effortlessly and keeps us thinking about it as we apply in combination from the 7 ways people learn.  

The 7 ways people learn are:

  1. Spatially
  2. Musically
  3. Interpersonally
  4. Intrapersonally
  5. Mathematically
  6. Linguistically
  7. Athletically

When we take responsibility of our thoughts and eliminate all negative thoughts with no judgment against another,  truly feel love in our heart for them no matter the circumstances, and be in continuous harmony with the Universe, our light then shines and we give inspiration to others.   As the Emerson’s law of application kicks in, then more light will shine in our life.

We, then,  are not the victim of past circumstances that was predominately former addictions of reacting in the moment, but reclaiming ourselves as victors as you set the power of a new reality  in development.  

I am intelligent, whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.  I can be what I will to be.  I am a CONFIDENT person. I great each day with love in my heart, and I will succeed.

“The heart of the wise teaches his mouth, and adds learning to his lips.  Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones.”  Proverbs 16:23-24.

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The Seven Laws of the Mind – Week 8

Dream Board


“We are transformed by the renewing of our minds…” Romans 12:2

For one whole week we have placed ourselves on the Mental Diet of any negative thought.  If a negative thought happens to invade our cranial cortex for more than 2 seconds, we are to substitute it with one of the 7 Laws of the Mind and start over.

It really is amazing how our thoughts are filled with sarcasm, criticism, narcissism, and pessimism.  All of which do not portray a heart filled with love and forgiveness.  I have  failed so many times and have yet to make it through an entire week.  But I am determined that ‘I must not under any pretense allow my mind to dwell on any thought that is not positive, constructive, optimistic, and kind,’  The Seven Day Mental Diet.  What will help me immensely is always reflecting back to the 7 Laws of the Mind as I continue this journey.

1.  Law of Substitution

I notice the similarities of dieting physically and mentally.  I  have to figure out what my weak spots are with food—ice cream, butter, and candy.  They have become like poison to me and have substituted them with homemade smoothies, hummus, and crunchy veggies or nuts.  Just like in my thought life I substitute thinking of my Definite Major Purpose whenever the subject of debt comes up.

2.  Law of Relaxation

Sitting for 15 minutes daily brings control to what you think about and strengthens your ability to think on what you desire most and breaks the pattern of thought that stares back at you.  Having a relaxed, calm state of mind brings wisdom from the ages.

3.  Law of Practice

As I greet everyone with love in my heart, I need to be prepared with Framed Firelighters that will peak the other person’s interest in the network marketing business if I am to reach my Bliss.  Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance.

4.  Law of Forgiveness

Just yesterday, a dear friend lost her job due to miscommunication and/or poor instruction as she really didn’t think she did anything wrong.  We have been taught not to have a judgment on anything, love everyone, and don’t think negatively.  Sometimes it feels impossible. It does show me that I do need to work diligently in this area.

5.  Law of Dual Thought

Since emotion is attached to this law of thought, I am dancing and singing gleefully that I can eat healthier and I am finding more enjoyment in this.  Wearing my compass on my watch and wearingCompass to Bliss another around my neck, gives me several opportunities to fondly speak of my Bliss.

6.  Law of Subconscious

I have made it my goal to have a slender, toned body and it seems like my subconscious has accepted that as a fact and has brought into my life people who have great ideas to make it happen.  With my poster displayed and several other replicas placed throughout the house, I am reminded throughout the day my deepest desires and keep a focus on them like I would with a magnifying glass.

7.  Law of Growth

As I immerse myself in Master Key Master Mind Training and really spend time reflecting on the person I will to be, so much garbage has left my thoughts. When someone asks me about the previous ‘garbage,’ I find that I have forgotten what they are talking about.  My whole world is changing all around me and I am inspired with the  mental and physical growth I have seen develop in my life.  Spiritually, it has confirmed what I have studied in the Scriptures and more, “I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.” Phillipians 4:13





The Wait for the Germination of My Dream – Week 7

The Wait for the Germination of My Dream

It is so hard to leave things alone and just let the ‘process’ germinate.  So many times I have wanted to ‘help’ things along but end up only making the situation worse.

Abstract Flowering Cherry Tree of Cherries by Vlado Charles Haanel states in the Master Keys 7.27 “We must plant the seed and leave it undisturbed.  This does not mean that we are to sit down and do nothing, by no means; we will do more and better work than we have ever done before, new channels will constantly be provided, new doors will open; all that is necessary is to have an open mind, be ready to act when the time comes.”

The planting of my seed is writing down my Definite Major Purpose (DMP), creating a movie trailer of it, writing a Press Release, creating a Poster, and now recording it to music.  As I do each new task, it is really taking on a new form of life within itself.

During my sits, when I describe my DMP to my brother, everything becomes so real that new ideas start framing in my head that seem so clear and distinct.  When he asks me questions, solutions/answers come so freely.  As we talk, I tell him that it is my earnest desire to see my dream come true…and I am confident that it will come to pass.  I tell him some of the firm demands I have made for myself–Delay Gratification, Dedication, Determination, and Discipline– which is best explained by Mark J, The World’s Laziest Networker.   <iframe src=”” height=”253″ width=”450″ allowfullscreen=”” frameborder=”0″></iframe>

I am excited to see my matured plant and tastes its fruit, but until then I will savor its growth.  As I look back at this time in the future, I will recall my anxiousness and development of self-control as I patiently wait for the germination of my dreams.



The Staircase to Success – Week 6

I am going to ramble on about love.  These are thoughts I’ve had for many years, and have just decided to put them down in a post as The Greatest Salesman in the World–Scroll 2–is all about this subject as well.  While I don’t presume to express in prose better than is taught in the Scriptures or Scroll 2, I will try to make an attempt to show my profound awe of this subject.

LOVE DEFINITION                                                                                  Stairway to heart

n. 1. A feeling of strong attachment induced by that which delights or commands admiration; preëminent kindness or devotion to another; affection; tenderness; as, the love of brothers and sisters.  God is love.

Verb 1. love – have a great affection or liking for;  God loves me

Antonyms: detest, hate – dislike intensely; feel antipathy or aversion towards;

Love Never Fails  I Corithians 13:8

I remind myself of this often when situations get tough and it seems much easier to just express how unfair I have been judged.  Granted, it may be true but where does that place the relationship after the confrontation.

Then I think of how love covers a multitude of sins.  If my child does something that I don’t approve, that doesn’t make me love him less.  It just makes me disappointed in the action he has taken.  Same way with a friend…we sometimes know them better than a brother or a sister…but we cut them a lot of slack because of our love for them and visa versa.

So, if we are able to turn a situation around just by showing and expressing love…. that is a very strong vice.  What is it about us that makes us respond to love?  We need each other.

‘Never’ is a very strong word which is seldom used as there are so many exceptions. One of my sons tells me that using ‘always’ and ‘never’ traps a person into a role that they don’t necessarily play everyday…it assumes the worst of a person rather than the best and doesn’t allow an opportunity to change.

So when the Holy Book insists LOVE NEVER FAILS it has an even stronger meaning because this won’t change.

The most difficult for me of all the segments of Scroll 2 was…”And most of all I will love myself.”  Why, I wonder. Could it be because I am more aware of the Gal in the Glass and her inadequacies?   But through all the exercises of DMP, Promise Cards, BPB, MKMMA, Scroll, Press Release,  Sit,  Law of Compensation, Blogs, Tweets, Bible…I do see my value and am starting to really love me.     Heart Cardiology

Which in turn puts more value for me in the verse Matthew 12:39 “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thy self.”  Was I not really loving my neighbor–neighbor being anyone I am acquainted with–because I had a low opinion of myself?  Wow. Another lesson learned.

If ‘love’ is an action word and a being word, then love is complete.  And, as it says in Scroll 2, if I have no other qualities I can succeed with love alone. Therefore, I will greet each day with love, and I will succeed.





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