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The Seven Laws of the Mind – Week 8

Dream Board


“We are transformed by the renewing of our minds…” Romans 12:2

For one whole week we have placed ourselves on the Mental Diet of any negative thought.  If a negative thought happens to invade our cranial cortex for more than 2 seconds, we are to substitute it with one of the 7 Laws of the Mind and start over.

It really is amazing how our thoughts are filled with sarcasm, criticism, narcissism, and pessimism.  All of which do not portray a heart filled with love and forgiveness.  I have  failed so many times and have yet to make it through an entire week.  But I am determined that ‘I must not under any pretense allow my mind to dwell on any thought that is not positive, constructive, optimistic, and kind,’  The Seven Day Mental Diet.  What will help me immensely is always reflecting back to the 7 Laws of the Mind as I continue this journey.

1.  Law of Substitution

I notice the similarities of dieting physically and mentally.  I  have to figure out what my weak spots are with food—ice cream, butter, and candy.  They have become like poison to me and have substituted them with homemade smoothies, hummus, and crunchy veggies or nuts.  Just like in my thought life I substitute thinking of my Definite Major Purpose whenever the subject of debt comes up.

2.  Law of Relaxation

Sitting for 15 minutes daily brings control to what you think about and strengthens your ability to think on what you desire most and breaks the pattern of thought that stares back at you.  Having a relaxed, calm state of mind brings wisdom from the ages.

3.  Law of Practice

As I greet everyone with love in my heart, I need to be prepared with Framed Firelighters that will peak the other person’s interest in the network marketing business if I am to reach my Bliss.  Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance.

4.  Law of Forgiveness

Just yesterday, a dear friend lost her job due to miscommunication and/or poor instruction as she really didn’t think she did anything wrong.  We have been taught not to have a judgment on anything, love everyone, and don’t think negatively.  Sometimes it feels impossible. It does show me that I do need to work diligently in this area.

5.  Law of Dual Thought

Since emotion is attached to this law of thought, I am dancing and singing gleefully that I can eat healthier and I am finding more enjoyment in this.  Wearing my compass on my watch and wearingCompass to Bliss another around my neck, gives me several opportunities to fondly speak of my Bliss.

6.  Law of Subconscious

I have made it my goal to have a slender, toned body and it seems like my subconscious has accepted that as a fact and has brought into my life people who have great ideas to make it happen.  With my poster displayed and several other replicas placed throughout the house, I am reminded throughout the day my deepest desires and keep a focus on them like I would with a magnifying glass.

7.  Law of Growth

As I immerse myself in Master Key Master Mind Training and really spend time reflecting on the person I will to be, so much garbage has left my thoughts. When someone asks me about the previous ‘garbage,’ I find that I have forgotten what they are talking about.  My whole world is changing all around me and I am inspired with the  mental and physical growth I have seen develop in my life.  Spiritually, it has confirmed what I have studied in the Scriptures and more, “I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.” Phillipians 4:13