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I Persist. I Win! Week 14

Persist: 1. to continue steadily or firmly in some state, purpose, or course of actions, in spite of opposition or criticism  2. to last or endure tenaciously

Our assignment tlhis week is to watch movies…yeah! The teacher-picked-films of October Sky, Ruby, Cool Runnings, Door-to-Door.  I initially searched for October Sky; took notes while I  watched the whole movie and at the end it said October Baby. I was shocked but it also had a great story line.  So hey, maybe I will be taking notes with each movie I see from now on.  With each movie we are to find the 4 Tiny Habits located in each movie.

Anyway, the TV series of Ruby depicts a severely obese 35 year old lady of nearly 500 pounds who has just been given her death sentence of a metabolic time bomb of diabetes, kidney failure, and sleep apnea if she didn’t change her habits.  It is now time to live healthy and different.  After all, the height of craziness is to continue do the same thing but expect different results.

1. The Definite Purpose  backed by a burning desire

Each person is on a life’s journey, and they can stay in status quo or develop a dream list of purpose flamed by a consuming desire to accomplish the desire no matter what.

Ruby’s dream is to become a normal healthy 150 pound  person who can ride bikes, ride horses, sit in a rocking chair, sit on someone’s lap, kayaking, and drive a car…to name a few.  Her excessive weight restricts her from participating in these activities.   She is more than ready to beat down this beast of food control.

2. A Positive Mental Attitude

It is important to face each challenge head on and determine that nothing is going to stand in the way of attaining the goal.  Once the commitment is made to take this life’s journey, you can’t quit!  This is the most important thing because before you can help anyone else, you gotta be able to help your self. Ruby faced each challenge head on determining in her heart that absolutely nothing was going to stand in her way of success in attaining a healthy life style.

3.  A Plan expressed in continuous action

In order to maximize the power of change and stay accountable to the process, a team of experts is put together which includes an Obesity Doctor, a Dietician,  a credited Psychiatrist, and physical trainer.

  • The Doctor recommends that she strictly stays on a prepared meal plan of 1,700 calories a day.
  • The Dietician monitors her weight loss and recommends any changes necessary
  • The Psychiatrist helps her discover the secrets of her past which have contributed to her excessive weight gain.
  • A Physical Trainer keeps a close ‘eye’ on her proper exercise so she doesn’t injure herself, and she can get maximized effect from each challenge.

4.  Master Mind Alliance

The support of friends makes everything easier.  Ruby started a ‘Fat Night’ Club inviting several of her friends.  They develop a close relationship in discussing all the challenges that an obese person confronts.  They also went together on a 6-Day Intensive Treatment Plan where they were able to uncover the hidden mystery of why food had such a grip over each of them.

I Persist. I Win!    This is a great movie of immense fortitude, being honest in who you are, and recognizing that your addictions hold power over others in the family.  As you start to see yourself as worthy, you learn that it’s not about what we are eating, but what is eating us.  The more we take ownership of not doing the right things in the past and take action to create new good habits, confidence is built and soon a new ‘Ruby’ is being born.






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