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This is a re-post of this blog as the original one was hacked and deleted.  Since I didn’t save the first one in Word like I usually do, this blog won’t be word-for-word as the last but the original content will be there.  One thing I won’t do is directly link The Berlin Wall to the site of description on the History website.  Instead I will give you the link here if you would like to check it out.



These past few weeks in Master Keys Master Minds we have been daily building up our index cards with great gratitudes and great experiences.  As I thought way back to my high school years, I remember distinctly and fervently praying for The Berlin Wall to come down.  I prayed for the people behind the wall with the challenges they dealt with being separated from friends and relatives.  I prayed this prayer several times through high school, college, marriage, and 6 kids.  About 20 years later the wall came down…before it was totally dismantled, people could dig through to the other side without getting killed.  I was so happy.

What became extra special about it was one of the first foreign exchange students to come to America became my oldest son’s best friend.  They did everything together.  We included him in all our family functions of camping, skiing, snowmobiling, coon hunting, canoeing, sports, swimming, Scouts, and more.  These activities would have required special permission from the government in East Berlin.  We loved him like he was our own and gave him a German Bible before he left.

Our son still stays in contact with him and was able to visit him and his family in Berlin.

I am so filled with Gratitude for this experience.