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What Am I Pretending to Know? Week 17 HJ

What am I pretending to know?

After Mark J told the Master Key Master Mind class to put that statement on the top of our stack of index cards to be reviewed everyday, I just felt numb.  It was similar to a big ‘wake-up call’ in who’s kidding who.  It felt like I had just swallowed a vial of truth serum that will not let me fudge on any answers.  What am I pretending to know?

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In creating a beautiful art masterpiece, there needs to be a blueprint where a person starts with a clean slate whether it is with canvas, granite, plaster, or marble.  Then the basic tone or form is set for the start of the project.

That basic form was me when I first joined Master Keys Master Mind.  Through the various stages of life, I had developed my likes, dislikes, pet-peeves, opinions and judgments all intermingling with associative experiences.  This was the basic canvas that met Mark J on day one of class.  Week by week he demonstrated his unfailing love and devotion to us in believing in us (when we were not capable to believe in ourselves) that we are whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.

As we gained belief that we can be what we will to be because I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and when we give more we get more, our primary focus starts to re-align itself from being totally centered on ourselves to promising to keep these 4 promises of giving to others without expectation of reciprocity showing no opinion or judgment.  Upon this comes the brush strokes of our makeover by concentrating on the virtues of life in self-control, kindness, organization, courage, discipline, persistence, specialized knowledge, decisiveness, taking initiative, cooperation, pleasing personality, enthusiasm, and showing the love of God.

What am I pretending to know?  That is like the fine lines of definition that creates an image that is no longer blurry but clearly defines purpose and shape.  It is like asking the Lord to reveal in your inner self something that needs correction which you are not aware of and know that when it is revealed, you won’t necessarily like it but know that its revelation gives you the power to change its course.

Awareness is the beginning of change.   What we think about grows and we become what we think about all the time…recognize, relate, assimilate and apply.  Onward and upward.





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