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The Heart is Smart – Week 19

The Heart is Smart!  One of the great things about reading scripture everyday is the fact that we know this because:

  • out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks…Matt 12:34
  • with the heart man believes…Romans 10:10
  • epistle written in our hearts, known and read by all men…2 Cor 3:2-3

There is an endless amount more I could write on that.  What is now being proven by science is what the Bible has declared … that our heart is smart and controls our actions, what we think,  and it is where our treasure lies.

Heart Cardiology by freedigitalphotos

Heart Cardiology by freedigitalphotos

One of our Master Keys assignments is to watch the movie ‘I AM’ produced by Tom Shadyach who is best known for  his directing of Ace Ventura.  I AM is the story of his journey to tell people what he had come to know after facing death.  He started by asking two rarely asked questions:

  1. What’s wrong with our world?
  2. What can we do about it?

Basically, if humanity is going to survive, it is going to require a substantial new way of thinking.  Science tells of everything working in a reliable way, and in the past it was believed that if it can’t be seen, touched, heard, or tasted then it doesn’t exist.

There is something fundamentally different between us and machines.  We build our business based on scarcity which creates a need  for our product.

The truth is that if you are naked, hungry, and cold in a snow storm, you are unhappy.  Then someone finds you, invites you into their home, offers you a set of clothes to put on and sit next to the fire with a warm bowl of soup. Now you are happy with very little stuff.

The lie is that the more stuff you get, the happier you will be…the perpetual bliss.  We must be suspicious of what we want.  You dig pits for others, and you will fall in; you plot and end up in prison.  This is a form of getting infected with ‘wheticle’ which is an Indian term for ‘one who eats the life of another.’

The big question is what about love, compassion, kindness, empathy…seems to be the most important question.  What is mankind’s  basic nature?  Is the essential nature of humans to cooperate or dominate?  Have a kingdom or a democracy.  The highest culture is democracy.

Human nature is seen to be competitive.  But reality is democracy is being played out in nature.  Competition is survival of the fittist; cooperation is when we do this, where do we do this, who tells us to do this, and how do we do this?  Generally, 51% makes up the majority and they take the rule.

Sympathy is the strongest quality in the nature of humans. What we have that is uniquely special to the humans is MIRRORED NEURONS.  This is what we feel internally when we see another suffer, we feel their pain.  We are geared to feel what other people feel.  The big parts of our nervous system is our brain which puts little chemicals in our blood streams that creates a connectivity to the community.  This shows that we are hardwired to have compassionate response to others.  When people see a need it creates the endorphins in our system that causes us to be our brother’s keeper.  We then get a deep sense of contentment and ectacy.

The Institute of Heartmath has studied the human heart and have found that contrary to belief that the mind controls the body, instead it is discovered that 90-95% of the nerves sends messages from the heart to the brain.  In reality the heart sends a lot more information to the brain than the brain to the heart.  The heart really is the boss of us.

Within the heart there is the interstitial beat of the heart and then there is the pause.  The pause carries a lot of information which tells us the emotion of the person…love, care, passion; it beats out an optimal state of messages.  The positive states renews our physiology.  It is good for us.  It is the optimal state which creates harmony and clear thinking.  The heart is a carrier wave.  It turns out that the emotions are modulating the heart signals.

If it is sending out a stressful pattern, it creates a negative emotional state.  It limits our brain where we can’t think clearly and our thinking becomes inhibited.  That is why anger makes us stupid.

Positive emotions increases our whole function better in empathy, harmony, love, and compassion rather than separation.  The heart is considered to be the center of self, not the brain.  The heart contains an intelligence.  The heart is smart.


When the heart beats it generates a large electromagnetic field.  So that field generated by the heart radiates external to the body that is measurable and it can have a physiological effect.  Our heart may be able to predict the future.  Somehow the body can respond through intuitive information 3-5 seconds into the future called pre-feeling.  The heart is the first system to know this intuitive information.  The heart really is the primary access point to the spirit.

This is part one of a two part series.  So this will be continued in the next post.