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Rewards of Intentional Acts – Wk 14

When I watched the movie Rudy showing a mother lovingly doing simple but intentional acts of kindnesses for her grown son who obviously has cerebral palsy, it made me realize that our kids become the sum of our belief in them.  Her son, Bill Porter, is getting ready to go to an interview for a job, and he is all decked out in a suit and tie with a dress hat.  Even though he cannot even button his shirt, tie his tie or his shoe laces, he gains his confidence from his mother that he can do this job because she believes in him.  She talked in glowing detail about how his now deceased dad was the greatest salesman ever and that he was so handsome…and that Bill looked just like him.

As Bill went outside because he was turned down from the job interview, he looked across the street to see his mother glance at him with expectation of getting the job.  That glance gave him added determination to march back in and demand to have the opportunity to sell in an area that nobody was ever successful in.  That landed him being a salesman for Watkins in a very dysfunctional area where there was high incidences of drug and alcohol abuse; neighbors not getting along, and every display of loneliness and human struggle.   Even though the public initially look at him as imperfect (which physically cannot be denied), they displayed more internal imperfections.  As Bill patiently and persistently developed relationships with each person and family, he was able to make a difference in the neighborhood through his acts of kindnesses of wit and insight.

Later in life the impact of his display of internal belief in himself as ‘whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and loving‘ was revealed through a front-page newspaper write-up honoring him as a Door-to-Door Salesman.  He also got an award for being the top salesman of the company.  As time passed, modern technology took over in the sales department but it lacked the personal touch with people that truly makes for being a great salesman.

I loved this biographical movie showed how a everyone has an effect on another person’s life whether positive or negative.  That is why its so important to be non-judgmental and have a core of consistent love and belief in oneself and others.

Onward and Upward,


Power-Dare-Do – Week 12

We are God’s master piece and He delights in us.

Anyone who has involvement with another person whether it is coaching, parenting, instructional,  and/or encouraging, will find themselves following the principles of the 1. knowledge of your power, 2. the courage to dare,  and 3. the faith to do in helping another person stretch past their comfort zone to achieve a greater potential.

As a mother of 6, I have watched my children explore their boundaries with curiosity and ease. When they tended to pull back from taking greater risks, I would step in and pad the floor with pillows so that it would soften their landing as I encouraged them to jumped one step higher…and then another.

I knew that they were capable of doing more before they knew it.  It was my job to give them the power to believe that they could also do more than what they believed they could. When they learned that they lived through the dare of taking risks in small things, then it became easier for them to do more.

As they accomplished each challenge with a sense of pride and zeal, they search for more of “all that they can be.”

Chapter 12.4b in Master Key Master Mind Alliance states, “The only way to keep from going backward is to keep going forward.  Eternal viligence is the price of success.  There are three steps, and each one is absolutely essential.  You must first have the knowledge of your power; second, the courage to dare; third, the faith to do.”

I, personally, have found that somewhere along the line in wrapping myself in the life of my children, I forgot the accomplishments in my own life until we had to write them down on index cards and review them. My one sentence Definite Major Purpose gives me the focus and clarity to believe that I have the power to courageously dare to accomplish in faith all that I can be.

This is a great reminder that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

Onward and Upward,





The Core of Truth – Wk 10


The core of truth begins with a thought. It then demands to understand its origins.

While colorful and expressive passionate peptides are important to keep motivated in the goals and dreams that we have designed for our future, there is also the opposite scope of developing ‘thick skin’ in researching the truth.  Similar to the yin and yang of things.

There is great freedom to think impersonally in understanding that there is no effect without an adequate cause.    When a person just seeks the truth in any given situation, he is free to follow the path of truth no matter where it leads all the way to the end.  When a person has finished this search for truth in any given area, and then expresses this truth to others when asked, there is no internal entanglements of  wondering whether or not the truth is valid or not.  This truth is expressed with no apologies as it is based on fact.

The fun begins now in expressing this validated truth with creativity and harmony.  Harmony is found in service.  Give more, get more.

I personally needed to put  some thought into understanding truth as that is the basis for belief.  I see evidence every day of people who act out on beliefs that have no merit or are baseless in truth. What you think about grows.  It magnifies in your own life.  You decide what grows whether its negative or positive.  That is why it is so important that it be truth

Our thoughts become who we are, and that is why it is so important to understand what is truth when developing the core of who we are.

Onward and upward,




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