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The Core of Truth – Wk 10


The core of truth begins with a thought. It then demands to understand its origins.

While colorful and expressive passionate peptides are important to keep motivated in the goals and dreams that we have designed for our future, there is also the opposite scope of developing ‘thick skin’ in researching the truth.  Similar to the yin and yang of things.

There is great freedom to think impersonally in understanding that there is no effect without an adequate cause.    When a person just seeks the truth in any given situation, he is free to follow the path of truth no matter where it leads all the way to the end.  When a person has finished this search for truth in any given area, and then expresses this truth to others when asked, there is no internal entanglements of  wondering whether or not the truth is valid or not.  This truth is expressed with no apologies as it is based on fact.

The fun begins now in expressing this validated truth with creativity and harmony.  Harmony is found in service.  Give more, get more.

I personally needed to put  some thought into understanding truth as that is the basis for belief.  I see evidence every day of people who act out on beliefs that have no merit or are baseless in truth. What you think about grows.  It magnifies in your own life.  You decide what grows whether its negative or positive.  That is why it is so important that it be truth

Our thoughts become who we are, and that is why it is so important to understand what is truth when developing the core of who we are.

Onward and upward,




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