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Rewards of Intentional Acts – Wk 14

When I watched the movie Rudy showing a mother lovingly doing simple but intentional acts of kindnesses for her grown son who obviously has cerebral palsy, it made me realize that our kids become the sum of our belief in them.  Her son, Bill Porter, is getting ready to go to an interview for a job, and he is all decked out in a suit and tie with a dress hat.  Even though he cannot even button his shirt, tie his tie or his shoe laces, he gains his confidence from his mother that he can do this job because she believes in him.  She talked in glowing detail about how his now deceased dad was the greatest salesman ever and that he was so handsome…and that Bill looked just like him.

As Bill went outside because he was turned down from the job interview, he looked across the street to see his mother glance at him with expectation of getting the job.  That glance gave him added determination to march back in and demand to have the opportunity to sell in an area that nobody was ever successful in.  That landed him being a salesman for Watkins in a very dysfunctional area where there was high incidences of drug and alcohol abuse; neighbors not getting along, and every display of loneliness and human struggle.   Even though the public initially look at him as imperfect (which physically cannot be denied), they displayed more internal imperfections.  As Bill patiently and persistently developed relationships with each person and family, he was able to make a difference in the neighborhood through his acts of kindnesses of wit and insight.

Later in life the impact of his display of internal belief in himself as ‘whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and loving‘ was revealed through a front-page newspaper write-up honoring him as a Door-to-Door Salesman.  He also got an award for being the top salesman of the company.  As time passed, modern technology took over in the sales department but it lacked the personal touch with people that truly makes for being a great salesman.

I loved this biographical movie showed how a everyone has an effect on another person’s life whether positive or negative.  That is why its so important to be non-judgmental and have a core of consistent love and belief in oneself and others.

Onward and Upward,