Daily Archives: February 18, 2017

Let Go – Wk 20

LET GO OF WHAT YOU DO NOT NEED! Cling to what you do need to manifest your ideals and passion. I am not an M & M…my expression for a Minimalist Millennial…but I identify with a B.H.B.B. (Borderline Hoarder Baby Boomer). So, for me to let go of anything is difficult. I do throw things away when it is broke or ripped. As I sit and think about this, it occurs to me that I may also be clinging onto things within that needs to be tossed.

Where do I start? Probably my closet which is crowded with clothes from times past that have gone through cycles of fashions. Yes. This reminds me of what clutters up my day so that it becomes unproductive in what is important to achieve my DMP.

Next I tackle my storage shed that is bigger than a little house filled with storage bins of seasonal decorations, crafts, sewing material, canning jars, camping equipment, and gardening tools. And I think of situations that I have feared and dreaded to even initiate. There are others that I execute with anxiety and distraction, and leave with regret and wonder how I could have done better.

Hence, the reason for this MKE course where I have learned to identify what drives the economic engine. Plan the work, and work the plan.

This past week I watched several Ted clips of Amy Cuddy, American Social Psychologist. She talks about “Presence” as the real you. She observes people and can tell by our body language what type of personality we have. She gives tools of posture to help use the body to change the mind on its perspective of a situation or condition which helps to build a person’s presence which includes enthusiasm, confidence, captivation, and comfortable with one’s self.

Amy Cuddy gives her definition of presence within the first two minutes of this video.

This reveals the importance in investing in yourself. Let go of what you do not need. Cling to what you do need to manifest your ideals and presence. Focus and concentrate on what is most important to get done and everything else will fall into place. Keep everything simple. Maybe the M & Ms have a corner on this.

Onward and Upward,