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Growing up as the eldest of 7 gave me a great opportunity to understand the take-charge-of-responsibility characteristic.  It worked very well living in a military household with 6 children of my own.  When our 5 sons went into boot camp, they were so well trained that they wrote home telling me how great was boot camp.  I made them believe that it was ‘finishing school’ for young men before setting out on life of their own.

Our daughter certainly spiced everything up for them.  Even though her 5’3″ 109 pound physically fit frame was no match for the average 6′ muscle bound  frame of her brothers, she has complete control over her passion–the horse.

While each of them are specialized in their own profession and married to the love of their life, it gives me even greater joy to be ‘Grandma’ of 8…and the circle of life continues.


I know it was hard to guess but yes, my husband and I are Baby Boomers.  He has spoilt me immensely by letting me stay at home and raise our kids while he makes sure my every need is met. When it was time, he encouraged me to upgrade my education and do whatever I wanted to do.  With most jobs, I was able to move into the management level.

Right now our main residence is in Klamath Falls, Oregon.  We also have a home in Larned, Kansas where we stay for 6 months of the year.  Since we have lived in several different states, we are very blessed to have very good friends across the nation.

This is the most exciting time of our life as we venture beyond the norm and build up our MLM business to not only replace and exceed my husband’s salary but attain our dreams as we help others attain theirs.  Since our business offers a sound product built on a foundation of true science that has been globally tested and verified, we know that we are on the cutting edge of sweet success.






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