FROZEN – Week 8


I feel frozen in my mind and body.  Yes, everything is difficult before it get easier; and every new experience feels uncomfortable before it’s comfortable—running like a smooth oiled machine.

I know what to do, and do it.  I know what to say, and say it.  Feeling frozen just tells me that subby is trying to get my attention as there is something that I need to attend to in order to press forward.  I feel very grateful for having the tools to pry this out of the my encased shell.


Since I don’t have time for the ‘Spring thaw’, I take the mallet out and start chipping away.

From now on I take full responsibility and ownership of my life.  I make the calls, do the follow up, decide the outcomes I want.  I can’t change the past, but I can re-direct the future.  The profession I am in has limitless potential, and I am taking full responsibility of its results.

Yes, there are certain things that are not ideal, but that doesn’t matter any more as I gather power from within and strength from my Lord, I have all that it takes to overcome this shell of ice.

Onward and Upward,



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