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November 8, 2020

Hi, this is Lyle Aryns, Reporter  for the Klamath Falls, Oregon NBC station.

There has been quite a buzz going on about a lot of activity taking place on a mountain located in the Cascade Mountain range.  When I called requesting for an interview with Dan and Cyndria Coaty, they told me I could hitch a ride on their helicopter from Klamath Falls airport.  As we are passing overhead of their mountain, I see lush green meadows with wild mountain flowers with a rapid river snaking its way down the mountain side.  On a path heading up into the wilderness, I see a pack of horses and mules loaded down with camping gear.  As we start the decent, the copter tips slightly and I see several lakes on top of the mountain left there after a volcanic eruption several thousand years ago.

Coming into view after rounding the mountain, is a modest self-contained stone-hewn home built securely in the mountain with an attached in-door geothermal pool and sauna.  Several out-buildings litter the view with obvious functions…a barn and corral, sheds for maintenance, and gardening. I can tell that everything is solar powered.  Coming in for the landing two miles further, I was escorted back to the main house in a Robin Blue Jeep Cherokee with a LIFE VANTAGE logo in the window and passed a lodge situated near a playground and recreational area, and manicured lawn which stretched up to the main house flanked with gardens and fruit trees.

Strolling leisurely down the stoned pathway hand-in-hand, dressed casually in jeans, leather hiking boots, and Norwegian sweaters came a tall, distinguished looking gray-haired gentleman with a slender, reddish-brown haired lady reaching out her other hand saying, “Welcome to DanCyn Christian Oasis. I am Cyndria Coaty—you can call me Cyndy– and this is my husband, Dan. We are so glad you have taken an interest in what we are doing here.  Let’s go sit around the fireplace and enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea.”

Lyle:  This is quite a spread you have.  Tell me about it.

Cyndy: Yes, we have truly been blessed in recent years.  On your way up you passed a lodge we have had built for Retreats and right now we have a group of Wounded Warriors of whom are on an expedition riding up to the Mountain Lakes area for some rest and relaxation with some fishing thrown into the mix. Even though soldiers may be challenged on different levels, they come here for encouragement, project brainstorming, and physical support.  We also have other groups like Integral Youth Service that come to Master Mind special projects that benefit various needs of the community.

Lyle: Oh, I interviewed IYS the other day for their fund raiser that they have every fall.  They didn’t tell me that you are instrumental in their work.

Cyndy: Well, that is because we have decided to be an anonymous donor.  We secretly match any donations they receive through a fund set up for that purpose.  These funds help to give them a grant for any projects needed for their attainment.  That way, if we request their kids to help with any of our projects, they don’t seem obligated to do it, but allows them to give back to the community like they normally do.

Lyle:  What sets IYS apart from other organizations?

Cyndy:  As you know, they work with homeless kids, foster kids, and kids that would fall through the cracks of the system without their help.  The Exodus House houses the runaways until they can be put into a foster home.  The Kid Center provides after-school care so that kids can get help with school work, interact with other kids in different activities, and enjoy an after school snack until they get picked up by their parents after work. This is one of many free services they provide to the community.  My main aim is to take the stress out of raising the money needed for these services, so that they can pay their help a better wage as I know they barely make minimum wage.  I really believe in the services they provide and would like to see this implemented in cities across the nation.

Lyle:   So, Wounded Warriors, IYS…are there other causes you support?

We also are exuberant to see vibrant changed lives and spiritual growth in campers as they have been able to go to camps using the scholarships we have set up for Youth Pastors to distribute to those in need for Bible Camps across the nation.

Sitting down across from the crackling fire in the fireplace with bookcases flanking each side, I noticed a book for children authored by Cyndria Coaty.  When I made mention of it, she said, “I am so excited because I have just received back from the printers my first edition in a series of books I have written for children in how they can put into practice the principles taught in  the Holy Scriptures and Think and Grow Rich.  These books capture the kids’ spirited individualities where they are able to develop their dreams into reality, and it interactively helps children dream of what they can do to help others.   You know, ‘you give more, you get more.’

Looking out into the distance of Cascade mountain peaks, sipping on a cup of steaming coffee for Cyndy and I, and Earl Grey tea for Dan, they reflect back when it all started…the realization of their dreams.

“It was the year 2013 when everything changed for us.  In February of that year, I was introduced to LifeVantage, and it seemed that everything became history,” says Cyndy. “For eight years I had incredible pain in my left foot where I could not even bear to have the weight of a sheet pressed down on it.  The results of an x-ray showed that I had severe arthritis in all the joints.  The foot was swollen from the 24/7 pain and the Dansco shoes wouldn’t fit because of it; and soon new pain developed which put me into a permanent limp.  The use of canes gave me support.  Because walking was so painful, exercising was not even practical. I was overweight and unhappy with no possible change…until I saw a website that changed my life……an investigative report to the most incredible business I had ever come across. “

“When I saw that the science was solid as demonstrated in,  and the business had integrity because it is a public traded company on NASDQ as LFVN.   LifeVantage is dedicated to visionary science that looks to transform wellness and anti-aging internally and externally with products that dramatically reduce oxidative stress at the cellular level.  I just knew that I had to be part of this company.  So I said, “Yes! To the Business and started to enjoy the products, Protandim and True Science, and even gave my 12-year old, 7 pound Pomeranian the Canine Science.”

“I remember the day I woke up without any more pain in my knees and foot.  I couldn’t believe it. My shoes fit and I was able to walk with no limp, and soon started exercising.  This was so amazing.  I had previously resigned myself that I was going to be in pain the rest of my life, but now I don’t!  I feel so much better in every way…my energy is up and I had even been able to start losing some weight. The mysterious source that never sleeps and habits that are completely changed makes me sing and dance, rejoicing in my new figure which has been transformed within the past 3 years.  I feast on delicious and colorful fruits and vegetables, fish and occasional chicken while drinking 120 ounces of water daily.  My toned body is transformed from applying ‘Hip Hop Abs’ video, walking, and strength training. Even my dog is in exceptional health as my vet will attest to from medical test taken.”

“We remember back in 2013 when we were in the midst of living from paycheck-to-paycheck with a permanent 6-month ‘job’ in Kansas while our primary residence is in Oregon, traveling back and forth in one of our ‘wonder’ vehicles…1972 Gremlin, 1974 Plymouth wagon Fury, 1988 Cadillac, 1986 Dodge Van, or 1977 Datsun (what can I say, I married a mechanic)…I was introduced to an opportunity that had the capacity of changing our whole world around! 

“Now when I meet with my team, I encourage them that when you give more, you get more.  Striving to present the opportunity with 5 people a day and training my amazing distributors to do the same, we steadily climbed the corporate ladder reaching the highest level of Pro 10 by January 1, 2020 making an income of $1,000,000.00.  Our minimum calls for each distributor is 100 a month averaging out to 25 a week.  I faithfully encourage and support them as they have attained matching levels with their distributors.   I look around my community and see the results of people enjoying better health and finances through taking Protandim and being a part of LifeVantage.”

Lyle:  Well, I’m impressed how you both were able to change the circumstances in your life in such a short period of time, which is a good testimony to others, that it can be done.  Consequently, that is the reason for this News Release.  I can tell that your whole purpose for doing this business is helping others to attain financial success and true health, but it doesn’t end there as you have also built a legacy that is making a difference in other people’s lives as well.


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  1. Donald Ketterhagen

    Your desire to help others is impressive. Just would like to see what you did to accomplish those goals. Examples of specific levels in your business that you had to hit in order to help all these groups. What you gave up to do it and so forth. Keep up the good work.


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