The Masterkey Flight to Success – Week 4

What a massive accomplishment this week brought!  I had piled an extra ton of work that I wanted to achieve before I picked up my husband from the airport late Wednesday evening.  We haven’t seen each other since August. I knew better because as Og Mandino states, “Failure is man’s inability to reach his goals in life, whatever they may be.”  I just knew I had to complete my goals or it would do a number on my subby.   After all, we are the one’s who set the agenda for what needs to get done for the Masterkey flight to success.

Even though I had accomplished a mega amount of work by noon, my list was still daunting and Airplane and soaring birdI was running out of energy.  I sat down at the computer, turned the Tweetdeck on, and there was a Masterkey post last Wednesday titled,  “Happy Birthday to me!”  (I am sorry I didn’t copy the post down as I can’t find it now).  I read it and he mentioned that he had a 20-minute sit in the middle of the day… and I thought…’Why not’… so I had a second 20-minute sit after doing my Og Mandino’s readings, DMP, and reciting of my index cards.

I was so refreshed from it that it felt like the first sit in the morning. It blew me away!  AND I accomplished everything on my list!  Wah–ooh!  Soaring in the clouds!


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5 thoughts on “The Masterkey Flight to Success – Week 4

  1. Cindy DiZio

    Congratulations, Cyndria!! When you mentioned the ‘ton’ of work you set out to accomplish before your husband’s return….I thought…Oh no….did she set herself up for failure? and was she able to finish what she set out to do?? But NO!!! YOU DID IT!!! I hope you are PROUD of yourself for finishing what you started…. I am!!! good for you!!! establishing NEW habits to replace old ones … daily… Thank you for sharing your story!! It is an inspiration to me…to not limit my projections for what I can accomplish!
    (And I hope your reunion with your husband was even better than you anticipated!!)

    1. Cyndria Post author

      Thank you, Cindy. It was a lesson for me that I need to measure out big projects. I was actually really surprised that it all got finished, too. It showed me the value of what Mark J. is teaching in the Master Key course. It really is good to have my husband home for about 4 months before he takes off again.

  2. daliya

    Oh, Cindy!
    You’re talking from my throat! not that I have to take my husband from the airport… not yet, But – the piles of work, the intense, the do it now, the wanting to accomplish goals, otherwise, the subby… We are doing it NO MATTER WHAT!!


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