The Mind – Wk 19

What we think about grows; what we don’t think about disappears. The mind is continually in action one way or another, and that is why it is imperative to keep our mind healthy by feeding it with good thoughts. The mind can also be static, a mind at rest where a person’s ability to think is his ability to act upon the Universal Mind and convert it into dynamic mind, or mind in motion. The mind is a mind field of electrical neurons that feed each other in producing the required energy for dynamic power. This is described in Master Key chapter 19.

I understand this because of an brain injury I had several years ago where I ended up with amnesia and it completely changed my life. I had to re-learn a ton of stuff…my name, where I was living and how I got there, my six kids, their birthdays and where they were born, a past life that completely was erased from my memory. I lost my musical ability to play the piano, organ, and trombone as I could not read music anymore. I could not work in a chemistry lab anymore as the periodic table was no more besides formulas etc. My speech was disjointed as I could not form a clear sentence. But I did know who my husband was and that I loved God.

I also had extreme vertigo which lasted for one year before I was able to get some marginal relief. This is where I would like to talk about in this blog. I must apologize for not blogging for a couple weeks as I was experiencing vertigo again. It comes back occasionally but it has been a long time. Essentially, I could not think. It is like a totally disconnect of electrical neurons which puts the mind in a zombie state of thought. Why it came back is still a mystery at this point but what I would like to describe is the climb back out of amnesia.

This Master Key course has helped me to understand the functions of the mind more clearly. But more important is the fact that I can identify with the workings of the mind as it began it journey in healing. Since I could not work in the Chemistry lab anymore, I began working in schools as a teacher for 3rd and 4th grade which helped me learn back my general math skills, history, and science. Later I worked as a paraprofessional in high school teaching kids higher level of math, science, and college requirements. I also went back to college to re-boot my knowledge. Later we moved to another state for my husband’s job and eventually we were in a church where they were in desperate need of an organist. They would not take no for an answer from me, but they believed I could play where I did not have that belief. I swallowed their belief and made it my own and began playing the organ. I would cautiously glide from one note to another, soon I was able to add my left hand. It took a long time before I was able to work the foot pedals again. I remember there were times right in the middle of the song my mind would go blank and I could not interpret the music. I would just pray to God that He would take over my fingers and feet as they have played these song for decades, and He did. But I continued to practice even to this day to get better. I know my playing is different than before. I now play the keyboard in church and still work to get better. But I would not be enjoying this part of my life if someone else did not first believe in what seemed like the impossible to me.

This is a small portion of my journey back to reality. It has also given me the first-hand knowledge to understand the importance of how an emotionally inspired thought coupled by belief (whether that is yours or another’s who strongly believes in you) truly does result in am enjoyment of life when you exercise that belief.

Onward and Upward,

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7 thoughts on “The Mind – Wk 19

  1. Lori Ann King

    love, Love, LOVE this Cyndria! Thank you for sharing your story and welcome back! Beautiful post. I love the quote ” I swallowed their belief and made it my own!” And I know that is just an echo of you pouring belief into your 3rd and 4th graders!

    1. Cyndria Post author

      Thank you, Lori. Yes, I know that most times the only thing a child (or anyone, for that matter) needs is for someone to believe in them that they can learn what they don’t think they can…and I truly get it.

  2. Rob Dunn

    Inspirational post – Thank you for sharing, Cyndy! Very few get to experience the mind’s abilities like you have but your story is a marvelous testimony to the power of the mind, and we should all pay attention to how you ‘rewired’ yours to go on and achieve great things. We could all languish in ‘what we were given’ (and too many do) but real joy comes from saying ‘NOT good enough!’ and pushing ourselves to become friends with the big Unknown and creating a better future self. Congrats!

    1. Cyndria Post author

      Thank you, Rob. It was pretty scary when the realization came of what I had lost…but I am so grateful for how the body has a way of repairing itself. Because we are the sum total of the decisions we have made in our life, I have realized that when one loses those memories and have to create others it is like having a do over in personality. Taking this course has really peaked my interest in how the brain functions.


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